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Caprice Michelle Swiercinsky, Real Estate Agent from Rockwall, Misrepresented several material facts regarding a property that she had listed for sale/lease. I hope other real estate owners/sellers/buyers do not fall victim to the bubbly, perky, blonde show that she puts on in order hide the fact that she is absolutely incompetent and unethical. TREC will have all the proof and documentation they need to take action.

At the end of the day she only seems to care about one thing... herself. Okay, two things... herself and her "image". She has NO word of mouth business because everyone knows to steer clear... I was told she is not even allowed to shop at certain stores in Rockwall because the games she tries to play and people just being tired of dealing with her.

However, the few "clients" that she receives from other peoples listings on Zillow and Trulia, know nothing about who she really is. I to thought she was "so nice" and "so helpful"... WRONG! She wants to close a deal... and will SAY or DO just about anything to make that happen.

Lets not forget about her WHOLE OTHER LIFE, the "aspiring actress". Caprice Swiercinsky.... Whole other story... just google it.

Caprice... Get your ACT together and *** your mask, just do things the RIGHT way. You'll be surprised how much easier your life would be.

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Forney, Texas, United States #1183773

What in the world?You do know what you're saying is false and complete defamation of character.

That's illegal.I was a very happy customer, and the things you describe seem completely out of character there for, your review is null and void.

Rockwall, Texas, United States #972590

This post is slander, just sickening. For everything she's done for my wife and I, I pray nobody believes this nonsense.

Austin, Texas, United States #966117

I am a third time customer of Caprice and have had an entirely different experience with her. In all instances she has gone above and beyond what one could expect from a realtor. In my case I own a property in Rockwall but live in a different city, as stated she has always gone above expectations and has brought me some very good renters whom I believe have been very happy with the home we provide.

Not sure where the bad press comes from other than bad tenants.

Potomac, Maryland, United States #950117

Below all these good reviews about Caprice Michelle are done by some SEO company, which she has hired to hide her real image just like the mask shown above.

Just think 1000 times before contacting her for any type of property requirement.

Dallas, Texas, United States #947218

These are all lies.These men scammed and took tons of money from Caprice after she generously helped them out.

Just remember what comes around goes around. Caprice helped me get a great deal on my house and I highly recommend her, she's a great realtor!

She was always available to me and negotiated the house I wanted for a great deal.I had no issues like these men "claimed".


It amazes me how so many people will post things that are negative about a person and totally false.

In my business relationship with my business relationship with Caprice, I found her upbeat and very fair in our dealings. She did not ask for anything more than she deserved and because of that I gave her even a better deal.

I wish I could track down and file lawsuits about everyone who makes false statements and an accusations about people.

Maybe try doing what Caprice does, work hard, promote you brand ad make someone else's day a pleasure to know you.

Clark J


Caprice is really a honest realtor. I had a deal with her few weeks ago and she helps in finding a right property at very reasonable price.

Rockwall, Texas, United States #862572

Caprice is famous that's why her competitors posting such a negative reviews. I also deal with Caprice and I also had a good experience. She is a great realtor who makes people helps finding the right property at affordable price.

Tucker, Georgia, United States #859632

That's right Ben

Even i had a very good experience in a property deal with Caprice.

She is a genuine & good professional lady.

This type of false & fake review is a work of her competitors in real estate.



it is sad that this website allows completely false posts.. caprice is the most honest realtor i know.

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